Aquarobotman brings you to know more history of underwater exploration

At present, the application of underwater drones in the industrial field has developed to a certain extent, but it is relatively lacking in the consumer-grade field. However, do you know history of underwater exploration is that 5% ocean explored fields are just exploited and more benefits of deep sea exploration hasn’t been well known to human.What do you know about large marine ecosystem?


Are you excited the facts about shipwreck underwater exploration?What is it like to explore a shipwreck underwater?Exploring underwater shipwreck is one of the favorite types of scuba diving activities, divers will learn the history of the vessel before diving it. Knowing the circumstances of its sinking, from accident to weather to war to intentional scuttling for artificial reefs.Then seeing it where it lies, the changes wrought by the sea and its denizens, and time.dived wrecks that are nothing but the ribs of the hull and some that are freshly sunk and everything in between. Some which have been broken in half and moved by hurricanes.In short, it’s absolutely amazing! you will select the best underwater drone camera for spectacular underwater shoot, and discover the unknown sea world.


If you want to get more knowledge and experience the true know more history of underwater exploration, reference to the internet information always comes first. Today, underwater drone makes it possible for people to witness what is really going on underwater.


The development of underwater drones is more technically difficult than airborne drones. Underwater drones are subject to various obstacles on the seabed, including water pressure, seawater corrosion, ocean current impact, etc, which puts higher requirements on product design. Aquarobotman has spotted this blue ocean market and launched a portable underwater drones NEMO that can fly with UHD shooting system. NEMO weighs only 3kg and the size of the mainframe is comparable to the size of a notebook.


Users don't need to get feet wet and catch what they want. With the mobile APP, you can control NEMO to explore the depth of the seabed within 100m according to your own wishes. NEMO has ultra-clear 4K camera function, which can transmit underwater super clear images to users' movements in real time. On the terminal, this gives the user great convenience to experience the underwater world that could only be seen in movies or documentaries.there is chance to feel the wonder of all kinds of underwater sea creatures


But you don’t have idea how long before human can do this. Because of the great thickness of the water layer, the human understanding of the deep sea is not as good as that of moon surface, or even Mars! As so far, more than 400 space explorers go to out space, 12 of whom aboard the moon, but only 3 global underwater explorers dive into Mariana trench. Which reaches 11034 meters and can be called the deepest underwater exploration

How long deep sea exploration history is? You may put up with that question. One of the most famous underwater exploration in the 1870s(1872-1876) was that British survey ship "challenger" took three-year global survey to collect a large number of deep and medium creatures, published 50 volumes of magnum opus which recorded 4400 biological species. 

Some of you may be curious about the mystery of Titanic’s sinking. It really appeals many underwater explorers and lovers to go on adventurous wreckage dive. Some underwater exploration round Titanic has always get is one of the best scuba diving places for deep sea wreckage exploration.


Again, when we look at what has happened on global exploration activities, acceleration of human technology indeed astounds the whole world. Aquarobotman, a global marine exploration inc, devotes itself to innovative underwater drone NEMO, bringing every ordinary new opportunities to know more facts about underwater exploration. Owing to rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence, a lot more companies like Aquarobotman has emerged to new market. If you want to know more history of underwater exploration and activities, please follow Aquarobotman and keep up with the latest news.

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