what is your idea about chasing coral review to wake up human being stop coral blenching


If you are a coral fan, what is your chasing coral review after watching chasing coral full movie, a superior documentary film about coral beauty and breaching chasing coral facts. Nevertheless, if you have no idea about the ocean and chasing coral, you are strongly recommended to watch this chasing coral review too, and you won’t regret definitely to do so. The film is so delicately made with full love for the coral that you will be inspired to learn more about the underwater world. So I’m writing this chasing coral review right after watching the chasing coral film and inspire to protect the ocean environment and protect the earth home.


Like most of people, I know little about beautiful coral or the underwater world, either because they are relatively far from our living environment, or because we are afraid of diving into the ocean. Or other limited scuba diving gears. However, as the researchers who are deeply in love with the coral reef and nature “escort” us into the underwater world, we are very likely to suddenly realize that what an amazing outside world we have neglected for so long! Coral is an immortal deep see creatures that matters too much to all the living things in the ocean as well as human beings on the land. They are the main food sources of marine life. Imagine how important the forests on the land are to us human beings. And the chasing coral facts is just functioning as the forests in the ocean! It is very touching that from the researchers’ view  who work for deep sea explorer, we are given a perfect chance to feel the charming and beauty of coral, which is said to be the origin of human beings. We get to know closely the tremendous colors and forms of great coral reef seen from watching chasing coral online, as well as the greatness development of protection ocean projects.


Then a large of viewers who love the ocean theme follow chasing coral trailer are overwhelmed by the chasing coral facts that the great coral reefs are dying on a massive scale. Fields and fields of soft corals have turned into barren rocks. 29% of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef alone died in 2016. This coral reef bleaching event has been the longest, fatal and most widespread in history.

Based on current trends, within the next 30 years, capture visual evidence of annual coral bleaching, the main cause of warming is the phenomenon of ocean temperatures rise increasingly, this serious chasing coral facts and dying coral reefs will kill most of the world’s corals. Coral blenching will be more and more rigorous. We must pay more attention to this phenomenon of ocean warming and do something, either to make some efforts for preventing environment pollution, or seize the opportunity to have an intimate experience with the beautiful corals. We definitely don’ want the corals to die out widely, just as much as we cannot live with our forests all removed. This is a fatal and serious matter. With the coral ecosystem kept healthy, it is full of joy and excitement to dive closely with corals. Let’s try our best efforts waking up to call the human being together to prevent coral bleaching and stop coral blenching, white more articles about ocean theme and ocean projects protection. Or spread more video about chasing coral summary sharing in more social media to let more people know the facts.


We are happy to know at the end of the chasing coral full movie that more and more people have realized the great barrier reef coral bleaching facts and strong actions are made from time to time. What is more, freshly new shooting equipment are developed to help researchers out. Like this cute high-tech underwater rov kits, Nemo Ultra-stable UHD 4K 30FPS underwater drones that can fly, which is specialized in capturing high quality underwater photo and video without physically jumping into the sea. With this marvelous underwater drone kit, you are free to shoot your intimate interaction with corals reef. Or it becomes much more convenient to record the chasing coral notes whenever changes. You do not need to dive yourself into the deep ocean frequently. You just need to operate APP on a cell phone or tablet, sitting on a sailing yacht charters or other private yachting sail boat.


The chasing coral full movie is particularly compelling, it is extraordinary and best film underwater ocean photography and underwater camera video, a suspenseful story, a wake-up call to save a crucial ocean creature in our earth's complex ecosystem. We pay a tribute to everyone involved and devoted to ocean protection projects.Everyone please go watch Chasing Coral on Netflix. It will break your hearts how beautiful our oceans are and how much you will want to save it


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