Carry Your Nemo to Beautiful Diving Sites in the Philippines

In the Philippines, you are often warmly greeted by “Mabuhay”, which means “welcome” in English. Hospitable locals will entertain you with coral reefs covering approximately 40,000 square kilometers, long stretches of sandy beach, amazing natural beauty. Anyone from any place is entitled to visit such spectacular sceneries far away from noisy city.

In order to better explore this wonderful place, just take your Nemo Underwater Drone to the Philippines. Yes, this useful underwater gear suits your traveling adventure perfectly. Because numerous islands are matched with different diving clubs and professional diving masters, which provide you perfect diving facilities. And therefore, observing marine creatures are of course best-of-all choices for the time being. If you want to carry Nemo Underwater Drone, you must believe there is a lot of unexpected things to come out.

Crushed coral reefs are swiped into beaches, snow-white, well arranged, light green nearby, but deep blue in the far distance. Bohol Island, one of the top 10 islands in the Philippines, is greatly attracted by a large number of visitors in the world. You can choose your favorite diving club with Nemo Underwater Drone to explore the underwater world, such as coral, fish, and other underwater animals and so on. From the eyes of Nemo, a new world appear in front of you immediately.

Another distinguished island, Malapascua, is to some extent a minority diving place for those who seek for quietness and want to avoid the hustle and bustle. If you are really into underwater photography, this useful underwater drone will help you to take a close look at how does manta ray look like. The 4k camera does really work for your photography thing because apart from ultra-stable, various filters also assist you with a more beautiful lens. What’s more, there is a shipwreck called “Pioneer Work” lying there with a history of 75 years. It is exactly what Nemo Underwater Drone can do for shipwreck hunting.

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