What does it look like 100 meters below the ocean surface?

According to some professional scuba diver, the extreme depth for technical diving may be only limited to 56m. Because Oxygen partial pressure is usually calculated by 1.4, which means you can run away from Oxygen Toxicity. A senior scuba diver once told me that, “I love this feeling when I was found 50 meters below the water surface. It is a super quiet world but a little bit horrible, you know, seldom creatures flash across."

Have you ever imagined to observe what does it look like 100 meters below the ocean surface? If you like, you can try this Nemo underwater drone to catch glimpse of what does it exactly happen there. With this drone, some unprecedented ocean sceneries and creatures may be presented in front of you. As if your dreams that ocean is within your touch come closer and closer.

In such a deep ocean, the drone challenges various difficulties like the unknown current, intensity of pressure, and even at the risk of swallowing by some huge creatures. However, everything is in your hand with easy control. Dive more, see more and find more. Maybe there is an undisturbed world waiting for you.

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