MagicJet, Truly Powerful & Portable Underwater Scooter
Long Running Time Enjoy your underwater journey Dive Depth up to 50m Satisfy your curiosity about the deep sea 3 Camera Mounts Multi-directional shooting 1.8m/s Dive fast
Replaceable battery in water battery indication The battery can only be replaced in freshwater after turing off the battery switch
Scene map Scuba Diving Swimming Snorkeling
Detachable battery Camera mount Battery mounting knob Speed control toggle switch Throttle trigger  Power toggle switch Battery indicator  Propeller
One-hand operation Two-hand operation 2-in-1 mode
MagicJet, Truly Powerful & Portable Underwater Scooter
One handle for more stability
Hold on tight to MagicJet to save time and energy to locate the perfect swim spot.
2-in-1 modular built to match your diving style
Perfect for scuba divers. A depth of up to 164-feet is in range without disturbing where you're exploring.
Swim like a pro.

MagicJet, Truly Powerful & Portable Underwater Scooter

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  • Long-running time - Battery running time up to 100 minutes with a whole unit underwater pluggable design, it allows you to swap it in a minute and brings you a wonderful underwater journey
  • Power in your palm - 1.8m/s fast speed, dive depth up to 50m, satisfy your curiosity about the deep sea
  • Safe to dive - It can indicate the battery remaining capacity to keep you safe. The propellers are designed with a safe protective net to prevent fingers from accidental injury
  • 2-in-1 modular - Use two scooters in parallel for a better experience, making it more powerful and faster. 3 camera mounts - Multi-directional shooting
  • Eco-Friendly - MagicJet will not pollute the water and do no harm or disturbance to the sea creatures, which brings you more immersive diving experience